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People frequently ask us how to apply on Wonga. Truth is that it is probably the easiest online application you have ever done. 

1.  Visit the website ....

Now that you are on their website you van use the loan calculator (with the sliders) to determine the loan terms. The one slider will allow you to choose the amount and the other the amount of days you intend to loan the cash for.

2: Apply online

The second step is to complete the  application online and you can do this within 10 minutes. Make sure that you enter all your details correctly. 

3: Receive the confirmation of the application

Now for the best part and the last step.  Make sure your application was received.  You will receive confirmation.

As soon as your loan is approved, you can have the cash in your bank account soon. You can apply online with Wonga 24 hours of the day and they have branches all over the world. 

Wonga provides R 2,500 to first time customers and proven existing clients up to R 8,000.

Did you find this page about the steps to apply on wonga helpful ... also visit Loan Finder SA

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