Business Insurance

When insuring your business for short term losses or business insurance you need to consider a couple of things,  including the premises, vehicles,  machinery,  computers,  personal liability and other risks factors such as theft,  fire and other nature disasters.

Here is some important factors to take into consideration when you apply for insurance:


Your cover must be a least the current value of your vehicle, not under or over valued.

You will also be able insure for vehicle rental in the situation where your car is at a panel beater.

Voluntary insurance to prevent an excess on a big claim is advisable.


You can insure spesific valuable equipment against damage.  Insurance normally cover all risk on all business equipment,  in instance of nature disasters and theft.


Goods in transit -  Loss of goods while in transit

Fidelity section - Loss of money or property which is stolen by employees

Accidental damage - accidental loss or damage to the insured property

Public liablity - Damages for which the insured is held legally liable

Employers liablity - Damages or injury for which the employer is held legally liable by employees.

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