Cellphone Contracts for Blacklisted

There are various companies that provide cellphone contracts for blacklisted people.  In this modern day everyone needs a cell phone to communicate with family,  friends and work colleagues.

With smart phones you can almost do all business activities from your cell phone by using various apps.  I use my Iphone 5 for almost every aspect of work and social.  Most people use the new modern smart phone for various social media like Facebook,  Twitter,  Watsapp,  Viber, Skype, Youtube, banking .... the list can go on almost forever.   How amazing did the technology improve to assist us in our every day life.

When one is listed on ITC you will find it difficult to get a cellphone contract through the normal contract providers.  They are very strict with applications and even if you are not listed you might find it difficult to get approved.  There could be various of reasons.  One of the most common is that you do not have a proven credit record ....

This could merely be because you have not preciously prove that you are credit responsible .... by lending money and repay it.  Younger people tend to receive this answer.

I do have very good news ....  cellphone contract for blacklisted applications can be done and with pretty nice and decent phones.  These companies have created contracts that cater for bad credit applicants.

There are two main options:

1.  Pre-paid plan:  Airtime can be purchased when you need it.  When you run out of airtime you simply top up the amount.  Airtime can be purchases online or a most retailer shops.

2.  Cell phone contract with a monthly billing for periods of 12 or 24 months.

You would need an South African ID,  latest payslip and the last 3 months bank statements as proof of salary payments.  

For more bad credit cellphone contracts visit .. Loan Finder SA

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