When your business thrives and you managed to establish positive cash flow, start thinking about a charity that you can support.

Charity is either donation of funds to Non Profit Organizations(NPO) that has a certain mission and vision .... or even better, provide such services yourself.

My wife, Louise, and I are representatives of Husky Rescue SA(HRSA). While I am only assisting with the accounting side of things Louise actively does husky rescue work.

Over the last couple of years we have had a lot of Huskies comming in to our home with behavioural and social problems. My wife then does possitive reinforcement training with them, gets them into a routine and finds them a suitable home. It has opened my eyes as I have seen the difference it makes in a dogs life. I also realised how few people really get involved and how many people are ignorend of the well being of their dogs and the current situation regarding rescue dogs of all breeds. I never realised the need to get involved until my wife started doing this work. You always think that it's only humans that need charity. Off course doing something for a human charitable orginization is also very needed. But you do have more then one option.

On the following page you can read more about Husky Rescue.

For adoptions or to get involved with Husky Rescue SA - Click on this link

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