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Every business need to create a website.  In the modern age everyone searching for anything will jump onto Google and start searching.  Whether you want to supplement your current running business with a online image,  directory or shop OR to start a brand new online business about your favourite subject or hobby ... you need to decide what company to use to create a website.

You have two options :

- Ask a company to assist you to build your new website for you


- With the assistance with a reputable company ..... create your own website. 

I the beginning of my practise I used a company to assist me to build my website.  I soon thereafter  realised that someone else cannot create the website as I would like it to be.  It need my personal touch to try connect with my readers.  I was referred to SBI or Solo Build It by an American friend of ours.  

By start using SBI I got equipped to create my own website,  and also began to understand the whole process.  SBI takes you through all the steps from start to finish. 

Firstly to decide what your niche subject will be ... and the best domain name for the website.

They also assist you with the domain registration.

When all this is done you need to start building pages to your website with related information.

Ultimately SBI will teach you how to start monetising your website.  (making money).

Click on the banner on the top of this page or text link below to go to the SBI information page.

Domain registration

Home to make money from my website?

Work from home ... start today to be successful tomorrow

Best website builder

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