Debt review FAQ

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our readers.  We hope this will assist you and put some light upon the subject.


1. On application,  when will I receive financial relief ?

You will receive immediate relief from credits and credit providers that phone you.  It is important to note that you must not wait until it's too late before you apply to be placed under debt review.


2.  Will I be able to still rent a property while placed under debt review?

Normally a letter from your debt counsellor will suffice to provide to a landlord or its agent.  It is important for the landlord or his agent to know that there is an amount available for you to pay the rent monthly.


3.  I am not living in the same town as my Debt counsellor,  will this be a problem?

With the technology available to everybody these days,  all applications and communication can be done online and per telephone.  Your location will definitely not be a problem.

4.  Will my creditors still phone me while I am under debt review?

According to law,  NCR,  creditors or credit providers may not further hassle you after been informed by your debt counsellor that your are placed under debt review.  It is important that you comply with all the steps and instructions as provided by your debt counsellor.


5.  For what period will I be placed under debt review and listed on ITC?

It all depends on your amount of debt and the settlement agreement your debt counsellor finalise with each credit provider.   The smaller the debt the quicker you will be able to be taken of ITC as being under debt review.  Remember that you will be able to repay any debt quicker than what the agreement speed up the process.


6.  I am unemployed,  will I still be able to apply for debt counselling?

No,  unfortunately you would need a monthly income.  If you do not receive any income there will be nothing to distribute between creditors.

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