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September 18, 2013

New SARS payment methods

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Up to this month we, as tax practitioners, could arrange a once of debit order on behalf of a client to pay any of the various taxes. SARS decided to discontinue this process and left us and our client with two options:

Credit push transactions :

With a Credit push the payment transaction is performed by the bank account holder. In the case of SARS, eFiling tells the taxpayer of the amount that needs to be paid as well as the payment reference number (PRN) in the form of a payment request via the bank. The taxpayer then physically authorises this request, which acts as an instruction to the bank to make the payment to SARS. Credit Push payments are considered to be irrevocable and can only be made if the account holder has the necessary funds.

Top Tip: For certain banks additional information, e.g. Group number, User number, Access number etc., will be required to access this facility. Please contact your bank to ask if this required. SARS is aware that it is a requirement for the following banks:

• ABSA • CitiBank • Nedbank • Standard Bank Business Online (CATS).

Electronic Internet Payments (EFT):

We decided to simplify the process on both sides and return the payment method has been done a few years ago before the debit order payment system came into place. We will process and file the return on eFiling and inform you about the amount and reference number to do an EFT payment to SARS.

We decided on this process as some of the internet banking services of some banks do not currently work with the credit push to authorise.

Please feel free to contact our office for any questions relating to this.

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