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Collect your free travel logbook for sars here.  

It is compulsory to keep a logbook for South african revenue services to submit a claim for your vehicle expenses on year end.  

Even though the hand written logbook is still compliant to the requirements of SARS,  it is definitely a very time consuming affair.

These days there are various companies that produce electronic vehicle logbook systems for your convenience.  We are fortunate enough to be one of only two dealers of the triptrack electronic vehicle logbook system in the western cape.

We decided on them for the detailed reports it provides.  The small gps logger plugs into your lighter charger and collect all mileage accurately. 

Whether you are a business owner or a employee receiving a travel allowance .... you would need this system or any other similar logbook system.  

All our clients are busy converting to from the hand written logbook to this triptrack electronic version.

Start save allot of tax or claim a refund from your travel allowance by using an electronic vehicle logbook system.

Get your free logbook here

Read more about this amazing system here,  including screenshots of the reports that the triptrack core system provides.

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