How to apply for a personal loan

How to apply for a personal loan in South Africa is a question we often receive.

There a various options and companies to choose from. Every company do have their own requirements and most online companies have a quick online application form to complete.  

The standard requirements are normally the following:

1.  Must be a south african citizen with a identity book

2.  Must have valid bank account

 3. Need a steady income.

Click here for an easy 3 step manual to use when applying on Wonga.  Wonga provide payday or short term loans.

When you apply make sure that you have the above documentation at hand to assist you to complete the quick online application.

The more prepared you are the better your changes of a loan.

If you want to go to one of the major banks in South Africa you would need to make sure you have all the correct FICA information.

We recommend you to take with the following documentation:

1.  Must be a south african citizen with a identity book.

2.  Latest utility bill or similar to confirm your address.

3.  Last 3 months bank statements.

4.  Latest payslips from your employer.

5.  A summary of your income and expenses to show the bank that you can afford the loan.

Here is list of review of various major banks in South Africa.

Standank bank review - click here

Capitec bank review - click here

African bank review - click here

Wonga payday loans review - click here

Loan Finder SA review - click here

Boodle payday loans review - click here

LCT Finance for bad credit review - click here

Thank you for taking the time to the article,   how to apply for a personal loan.  

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