Master New Things

A while ago my wife and I decided to, once a month, start doing something new. It can be something as simple as going to a new restaurant that will create a new experience.

The idea is to, in some cases, expand your horizons. Getting out of the normal rat race of the everyday living.  Master and experience new things.

During the last few months, I started using barefoot running shoes. Apart from a total new kind of shoe, I had to mentally overcome the difficult conversion to this, because I needed to forget and set aside my "normal" method to adapt to the theory of barefoot running.

I also decided to start doing biathlon, which include running and swimming. Swimming is something I never done before, and is a big challenge for me. Only recently got the feeling of it and there is nothing more satisfying than master something new.

Some days I felt like I pushed myself to far in training, just to see good results when you compete.

Now why do I tell you these stories. Because it's applicable to everyday business. When building your business, you constantly need to look at new ideas and widen your horizons. If something worked yesterday and in a certain economy, it will not necessary work today in a different economic climate. One need to be open to new things and be willing to change your mind set if needed. Accept change and be open and ready to it.

Try something new in your business. Maybe explore possible passive income streams. Read some books of inspiring business people.

I dare you to start exploring, only once a month, something new. It don't have be in your business, start this in your own live. Take your family to picnic in a forest you never been to. You will soon feel like a new person with new ideas and a positive mind set

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