Personal Loans, South Africa

Everyone in South Africa used personal loans somewhere in there life.  Some for starting a new part time business,  to serve as a study loan for ones kids or for unexpected expenses not planned for.

Below you will find reviews of various banks and companies that provides some version of a short term advance ... all vary in maximum amounts and repayments terms.

Please think carefully before using a such a loan to buy luxuries and make sure the loan amount will fit into your budget come month end.

In most cases you would need to provide your ID,  proof of income and banking details where the approved loan amount will be paid into.

Some websites actually provides a loan calculator to determine your amount needed and to calculate your amount of days that you want to use.

Standard bank personal loans review ... click here

Find information about some of the products of this bank

Capitec instant loans review .... click here

Capitec's goal is to be able to payout a high-value unsecured loan within 20 minutes.

African bank loan review .... click here

African Bank provides loans with amounts vary between R 1,000 to R 180,000,  depending on your need and the term period.

Visit Loan Finder SA for more reviews about personal loans and other credit products ... 

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