You can now pay accounts using the Snapscan application from a smart phone. This is a safe way of paying accounts without needing cash. 

The Snapscan application get linked to your credit card.   All you need to do is scan the bar-code of the merchant you need to pay.

So how do one install Snapscan and how does it work?

- Download the Snapscan application from your smartphone and follow the instructions.

- It will ask you to "scan" the credit card you want to link to the payments.

- You will also be asked to provide a security pin ... to make sure nobody else can use this to do payments.

- Once done you can simply scan a barcode at any merchant (shop that support a Snapscan) and the detail will be displayed on you cell phone screen.

 How do you become a merchant?

-  Simply visit the Snapscan site here and click on "snapscan for business".

- You will need to complete the short application online and within minutes you will be a merchant.

- We recently activated us as an merchant and are really excited to change form the normal credit card machines to this new method of payment. 

-  There are no monthly charges and only 3% fee per transaction.

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