Success is a Mindset  

The mind is a very powerful "tool".  It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Only you can decide which one it will be. 

There is a very true saying .....  whether you believe you can OR not,  you are probably right.

I recently started swimming frequently.  When I start getting tired,  my mind start playing tricks on me. "You are too tired!!" .... "You will not be able to swim even one more lap !!"  At such a stage I can quickly give up,  or swift my mindset and push through. 

Before I know,  I swam another few laps.  I (my mind) was stuck on the idea that I can only swim 100m..... being dead tired after that.  Then,  one morning,  I realised that I am my own worst nightmare.   I just jumped into the pool starting swimming slowly for 200m. 

That very same morning I swam another two 200 meters.  Three weeks later I've done a 300m.

 If I wasn't prepared, one morning three weeks ago,  that I want to push my "mind set"  to a next level,  I would still only be able to swim a 100m.

This illustration is what happened to me,  happen in our everyday life in business and personal life.  Your business will be what you think of it.  Think of your business as a big money making machine,  and it will,  most likely,  soon be one.  Positive thoughts attracts success.   You and your business does not grow when you stay in your comfort zone.  Growth involves positive stress and needs a positive mind set.   

In most business decisions you will be able to pin point positives and negatives.  It's your choice to find the positives and manage the negatives.  If you say no to every business opportunity, because you looking for all the possible problems that you may find along the way,  you will never take on new ventures or challenges.  Find the positive in such opportunities and decide how you will minimise the risk factors (negatives)

Every morning when I wake up,  no matter how I feel,  I think of the positive things in my business and life.

Work on your mind set every day.

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