Tax deductable expenses

Herewith some information about tax deductable expenses that South African Revenue Services will allow.

With the filing season that started a while ago,  with the deadline end of November for non-provisional tax payers (mostly salary and commission earners),  I once again received similar questions regarding income tax deductions.

Here are a few important aspects when considering a deduction against a salary or commission earned.

Commission earners and business owners:

You may deduct Section 11a expenses against your income if your commission earned portion is more than 50% of your total income.

These expenses include,  but not limited,  to the following:

1.       Client entertainment

2.       Motor vehicle expenses (Depreciation,  fuel, repairs, Insurance,    finance charges)


By keeping a proper logbook you may claim your actual business expenses.

The logbook can be done per hand – click here


With a electronic devise like the tripTrack – click here

3.      Membership fees

4.      Home study (finance charges on your bond,  rent paid,  insurance, cleaner, security, levies)

Important though,  your study or room in your house needs to be exclusive for work.

 You may claim the expenses by the formula of the square meters of your study to the total square meters of your house. 

5.       Telephone / cell phone

6.      Accounting fees

7.      Travel & accommodation

8.      Computer expenses

 This list is some of the regular expenses but not limited to it.

Get a quotation for / or read more about the electronic vehicle logbook system called a tripTrack.

Travel Allowance

·        Travel expenses may only be claimed when receiving a travel allowance and when actual business traveling occurs.

·        From March 2010 you need to keep a proper logbook to be able to claim any expenses.

Again,  either by hand or with your electronic logbook system called a  tripTrack

Very important, traveling between your house and work is deemed private.

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