Tax Settlement Application

If your tax affairs are not in order one can do a tax settlement application to South African Revenue services or SARS.  This application is also called a compromise application.  

In some cases SARS will be open to accept an offer as settlement of the outstanding debt of an taxpayer.  When you consider this application you would need to have all your books up to date,  including all your returns for the various taxes.

In the application you need to submit all relevant information to Sars and be TOTALLY HONEST about your financial status.  

Contact us here to discuss your tax situation and to do an tax settlement application to SARS.

No more sleepless nights about having to deal with previously non-compliance with SARS.  We will assist you with the application so that you keep on focusing on what you do best ... making money in your business.

We prepare all paperwork and consult with SARS directly until both parties agrees on a settlement. 

Once a settlement amount has been approved by SARS they will sign a compromise agreement with the taxpayer.  This compromise normally stipulate the settlement amount as well as the rules in the future.

The golden rule going forward will be that you need to be 100% tax compliant in the future. 

The compromise application can be done for the following taxes:

Income tax

Value added tax

PAYE - employees tax

Capital Gains tax

Contact us here to discuss your tax situation and to do an tax settlement application to SARS.

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