Loans for Blacklisted

Loans for blacklisted people are very common in a bad economy and more in demand because the credit crunch also effect people's credit record.

With allot of people having a bad credit record and having difficulty keeping head above water and cover unexpected expenses,  there are numerous credit providers in South Africa currently.

When applying for a blacklisted loan one would need to have a steady monthly income.  Credit providers will arrange a monthly repayment from your salary.  

When your loan is approved do your best to stick to repayment terms of the loan agreement ...  you will built a trust business relationship with the company and be able use their services again in the future. 

In the long term ... try to your clear the debt that put you on the blacklist or ITC.   Your aim need to be to be able to apply at one of the banks in South Africa,  namely Standard Bank,  ABSA,  FNB,  Nedbank or even Capitec. 

They all provide various options of short term or personal loans.  These option will all have lower interest rates than any other credit provider you will find online. To be able to apply at one of these banks you would need to have a steady income and good credit score at the bank.  A credit score is the way the banks determine the risk factor of their client.  

The better you handle your account....the bestter the score will be.  Everytime you are able to lend and repay a loan or any other credit on time the better the score. Make sure that your debit orders do not return or "bounce".

Find more loans for blacklisted at Loan Finder SA

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