Category Sub Category Title Description Modified Date
BA001 By-Laws of Sanilac County Community Mental Health Authority Board11/28/2023
BA003 Administrative Manual (For the By-Laws) of Sanilac County Community Mental Health11/28/2023
BA008 Agency Leadership/Conflict of Interest12/14/2023
BA014 Organization and Legal Requirements12/14/2023
BA015 Individuals Per Diem Policy09/12/2023
BA017 Creation and Distribution of Agency Policies and Procedures01/18/2024
BA021 Code of Ethics10/04/2023
BA022 Retention of Memos, Emails, and Correspondence01/18/2024
BA036 Community Benefit12/14/2023
BA037 Policy On Input From Those Served02/15/2024
BA051 Chain of Command and Open Door Policy12/14/2023
BA052 Agency Donations12/14/2023
BA053 Speaking to the Media Policy12/14/2023
BA079 Freedom of Information (FOIA) Act04/20/2023
BA136 Use of CMH Facilities and Facility Equipment05/25/2023
BA139 Animals In Agency Facilities09/06/2023
BA165 Duty to Warn12/12/2023
BA169 Executive Leadership Backup Coverage and Succession Strategy09/21/2023
BC003 Violent Situation Crisis Response Team04/20/2023
BC007 Visitor Policy07/27/2023
BA020 Reimbursement Policy10/19/2023
Corporate Compliance
BA032 Corporate Compliance Program12/14/2023
Data Management
BA004 Medical Record Policy07/27/2023
BA009 Microfilming and Scanning Policy12/14/2023
BA023 Safeguarding Records of Individuals Served12/14/2023
BA035 Quality Improvement Committee07/27/2023
BA040 Grievances, Appeals and Second Opinions07/27/2023
BA046 Approved Leave of Absence for Residential Settings05/25/2023
BA115 Root Cause Analysis03/16/2023
BA137 Psychiatrist Peer Review10/19/2023
BA141 Utilization Management Program02/15/2024
BA153 HIPAA Breach Notification02/15/2024
BA054 Cash Management Policy02/15/2024
BA055 Cash Receipts Policy02/15/2024
BA056 Wages and Salaries Policy12/14/2023
BA057 Payroll Timekeeping Policy12/14/2023
BA058 Equipment Policy03/16/2023
BA059 Authorization of Purchases02/15/2024
BA060 Financial Planning and Management01/18/2024
BA061 Fund Balance Policy02/15/2024
BA062 Investments02/15/2024
BA078 Risk Management10/19/2023
BA080 Procurement and Bid Policy12/14/2023
BA083 Charitable Donations Policy03/16/2023
BA084 Petty Cash Policy02/15/2024
BA143 Credit Card Policy12/14/2023
Human Resources
BA025 Inclement Weather and Snow Day Policy10/19/2023
BA028 Credentialing and Privileging02/15/2024
BA044 Employee Conduct and Discipline Policy01/18/2024
BA063 Training and Attendance Requests02/15/2024
BA064 Dress Code - Personal Appearance of Employees10/19/2023
BA065 Communication - Interpreters and Translators09/21/2023
BA086 Identification Badges for Staff and Visitors04/20/2023
BA088 Personnel Records and Procedure for Access12/14/2023
BA089 Professional Liability Insurance07/27/2023
BA090 Volunteers02/15/2024
BA091 Employee Supervision12/14/2023
BA092 Prohibiting Harassment & Discrimination12/14/2023
BA094 Work Hours, Break Periods, Timesheets and Call-Ins07/27/2023
BA097 Open Door Policy12/15/2022
BA098 Job Inquiries and References01/18/2024
BA099 Job Descriptions01/18/2024
BA100 Workers' Compensation Benefits01/18/2024
BA102 Cultural Competency and Diversity09/21/2023
BA105 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)07/27/2023
BA106 Equal Opportunity Employment and Nepotism07/27/2023
BA107 ADA Policy07/27/2023
BA109 Employment Agreements01/18/2024
BA110 Outside Employment01/18/2024
BA111 Performance Evaluations07/27/2023
BA135 Travel, Mileage and Vehicle Processes12/14/2023
BA146 Use of Time Off Accruals, Holiday Pay and Bereavement07/27/2023
BA147 Probationary Period07/27/2023
BA151 Infectious/Communicable Disease Control Policy09/21/2023
BA152 Telecommuting/Remote Work07/27/2023
BA154 Affordable Care Act/Medical Benefits01/18/2024
BA155 Agency Goals and Employee Expectations10/19/2023
BA156 Flextime Due to Weekly Modifications and Additional Hours07/27/2023
BA157 Secondary Traumatic Stress Protocol01/18/2024
BA158 Social Security Numbers - Privacy and Release01/18/2024
BA159 Substitute Staff Utilization01/18/2024
BA160 Tuberculosis (TB)/Hepatitis B (Hep B)01/18/2024
BA161 New Hires and Employee Job Requirements05/25/2023
BA162 Separation from Employment10/19/2023
BA163 Weapons and Illegal Substances01/18/2024
BA164 Student Loan Repayment and Tuition Reimbursement Program01/18/2024
BA167 Internships03/16/2023
Information Technology
BA013 IT Security Policy09/21/2023
BA019 Computer Data Backup01/18/2024
BA038 Acceptable Use Policy07/27/2023
BA070 Communications Policy09/21/2023
BA138 Social Media Policy04/20/2023
BA168 Communication Technologies07/27/2023
Provider Management
BA018 Model Payments System - Title XIX Medicaid12/14/2023
BA031 Provider Rate Development03/16/2023
BA039 Ensuring Best Value When Purchasing Services03/16/2023
BA045 Network Management and Monitoring Plan05/25/2023
BA047 Leases for Specialized Residential Facilities07/27/2023
BA049 Contract Provider Sanction Policy10/19/2023
BA050 Contract Management07/27/2023
BA148 Network Provider Cash Advance Policy04/20/2023
BA166 Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Provisional Approval Process07/27/2023
Recipient Rights
RR002 Sterilization, Abortion, Contraception12/14/2023
RR003 Fingerprinting, Photographing, Audio-Recording and Use of One-Way Glass12/14/2023
RR004 Individuals Receiving Services - Abuse and Neglect03/16/2023
RR005 Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information07/27/2023
RR006 Recipient Rights System09/21/2023
RR010 Comprehensive Examination12/14/2023
RR012 Critical Incidents, Sentinel Events and Risk Events12/14/2023
RR013 Personal Property and Funds03/16/2023
RR014 Resident Labor12/14/2023
RR015 Freedom of Movement12/14/2023
RR016 Communication, Telephone, Mail, Visits03/16/2023
RR017 Restraint, Seclusion & Physical Management06/20/2023
RR026 Individual Rights and Responsibilities06/20/2023
RR030 Informed Consent06/20/2023
RR032 Right to Access Entertainment Material, Information and News12/14/2023
RR035 Appeal Process09/21/2023
RR037 Change in Type of Treatment03/16/2023
RR040 Privacy and Human Dignity06/20/2023
RR041 Least Restrictive Treatment03/16/2023
RR042 Recipient Rights Officer Qualifications and Training06/20/2023
RR044 Services Suited to Condition06/20/2023
RR045 Treatment by Spiritual Means03/16/2023
RR046 Recipient Rights Per Diem Policy06/20/2023
RR047 Death Reports for Active Cases06/20/2023
Safety and Health
BA006 Emergency Policies Handbook07/27/2023
BA016 Accessibility Plan12/14/2023
BA144 Wellness Policy05/25/2023
BA149 State of Emergency04/20/2023
BA042 Supported Independent Living07/27/2023
BA043 Behavior Management Guidelines02/15/2024
BA142 Trauma-Informed Culture07/27/2023
BA150 Illness Protocol for Community-Based Programs07/27/2023
BC001 ACT Program Guidelines10/19/2023
BC004 Wait List Policy09/06/2023
BC006 Access to Crisis Services07/27/2023
BC008 Care Coordination09/06/2023
BC011 Court Ordered Treatment (Including Involuntary Hospitalization)09/06/2023
BC012 Care Management07/27/2023
BC013 Advance Directives for Mental Health Services10/19/2023
BC014 Self Determination Policy08/21/2023
BC015 Respite Services03/16/2023
BC022 Orientation of Individuals Served09/06/2023
BC029 Person-Centered and Family- Centered Planning Process/IPOS Development09/06/2023
BC042 Assessment09/06/2023
BC043 Release of Information in Substance Use Programs07/27/2023
BC044 Ensuring the Rights of Individuals in Substance Use Programs07/27/2023
BC064 Emergency Medical Services10/19/2023
BC141 Medicaid Benefit for Autism10/19/2023
BC142 Clinical Practice Guidelines07/27/2023
BC143 Clinical Protocol for Co-Occurring Intervention07/27/2023
BC144 Locus Implementation and Training07/20/2023
BC145 SED (Serious Emotional Disturbance) Waiver Services10/19/2023
BC147 Ordered Treatment Adherence/Recidivism Prevention Policy07/27/2023
BC148 Access To Services12/14/2023
BC149 Clinical Documentation Guidelines07/27/2023
BC164 Habilitation Supports Waiver10/19/2023
BC005 Psychiatric Management Only07/27/2023
BC018 Tardive Dyskinesia and AIMS Testing05/25/2023
BC023 Psychotropic Medication09/12/2023
BC062 Clozapine Treatment05/25/2023
BC081 Medication Administration, Storage & Disposal in Specialized Residence10/19/2023
Skill Building
BA069 Industrial Product/Service Quality04/20/2023
BC020 Release from Skill Building Programs07/27/2023
BC071 Direct Program Medication Administration10/19/2023